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What does it mean to have a “Food Factory” License?

In general and accordance with Hong Kong’s law, there are a several categories of food type establishments that would require a certain and specific license in order to be operated legally.

Did you know that other than the “Restaurant” license, the “Food Factory” license is second in line to be able to cover a large variety of food types, and even high risk food categories?

Let us answer two of the most frequently asked questions about the license at Cook Beyond.

Cook Beyond is an establishment with a Food Factory License.  If you are looking for a licensed cooking facility to start your food business, look no further.

What’s the difference between a Restaurant and Food Factory License?

The biggest and the most obvious reason is that Restaurant license will allow the licensor cook within the facility and serve it directly within their licensed premises, while for the Food Factory license, the intent is only to prepare and/ or manufacture food for sale for consumption off the premises.

Which foods and preparation can be done within in the Food Factory License at Cook Beyond?

Manufacture of bean curd

Manufacture of Chinese pudding

Manufacture / wrapping of confectionery

Manufacture of edible oil excluding edible lard/fat

Flour products

Fast food

Fresh fruit juices extracted on the premises

Frozen confection in manufacturers’ cups and wrappers

Frozen confection sold by the scoop

Milk and milk beverages

Non-bottled drinks in pressurized containers by means of a manual dispensing machine

Non-bottled drinks prepared by diluting drink mixes/ fruit juices with water on the premises

Preserved pig knuckles

Manufacture of sauces

Manufacture of shrimp slices

Manufacture/ refining of sugar

Process of animal offals

Manufacture of sushi

Oyster to be eaten in raw state

Meat to be eaten in raw state

Supply lunch boxes

Cut fruit

 Join Cook Beyond today and kickstart your food business in a licensed kitchen facility!

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