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What are Shared Kitchens or Co-working Kitchens?

Shared kitchen and Co-working kichen plays a unique and vital role in food and entrepeneurial ecosystems today.  It is trending globally, and now it has finally landed into Hong Kong.  Let’s find out a bit more about these new kitchen models that is storming the culinary world today!

“Co-working kitchen is a start of something new!  A unique and vital role in food and entrepreneurial ecosystem today! ”

In simplest term, shared kitchens are licensed commercial spaces that provide a pathway for food entrepreneurs — from chefs, caterers, bakers, to value-added producers and packaged food and beverage makers — in order to launch and grow their business.

By renting space in a shared kitchen, on an hourly, daily, or even monthly basis, businesses can produce food in compliance with regulatory requirements without needing to fork out a large investment to have their own facility during a stage where capital and cash flow is a challenge.

Therefore, Cook Beyond is committed to bringing this kitchen model into Hong Kong with the hopes of providing a more affordable space to professionals and food businesses of all stages and inherently build a community prosperity; whether it be for impact goals, from job creation to workforce training, tourism or even foreign investment attractiveness.

Collaboration, community, is one of key elements of a successful shared kitchen model

The shared kitchen model is a vital tool that many sees as a way for overcoming obstacles entrepreneurs with limited resources face when entering the food industry.  The emergence of shared kitchen is therefore propelled by changing tastes, expansion of healthy, fresh and sustainable specialty foods.


While commercial kitchen sharing is nothing new, the actual formalisation of shared kitchen facility is still a relatively new and evolving concept.  Many revert it to co-working kitchen.  Here at Cook Beyond, we respectfully uses the phrase “co-working inspired kitchen” to capture the essence of co-working whilst also highlighting that we are not just a kitchen — (we also have a 3,000 sq ft event space that can cover almost any need… food related of course!)

We at Cook Beyond recognize that shared-use rentals alone are often insufficient to sustain a kitchen, hence we provide additional services to diversify ourselves.  From contract packing of food products, developing community-focused programs, event space coordination, mentorship program… just to name a few!

Come and find out more about what our co-kitchen can do for you and your business!

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