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Cook Beyond


Workstations for Food makers

Providing start-up friendly kitchen with flexibility in mind.  Our kitchen is fitted out with essential commercial kitchen equipment, fit-outs and storage space, to ensure quality prep & production space.

Cooking Community

We are a community where people with a passion for food can cook together, work together, and learn from each other; the key to the future of building a more sustainable food industry.

Events & Food Experiences

Events, workshops, classes, talks and tastings…  Celebrating food cultures whilst learning a new skill.  Join us as we embark a new journey of food discovery through learning and sharing.


Start-up friendly kitchens.

Equipped with the necessary equipment specialised to facilitate food production, we are dedicated to create the most optimal food production setup to immediately get your food journey underway.

We are a 3,500 sq. ft. certified commercial kitchen that allows you to kickstart your food production or to work on validating your food product in the market. We work with food businesses from early stage startups to established companies in need of a test kitchen facility for their Research and Development needs.

We are proud to be certified by Hong Kong’s FEHD with a Food Factory License.

Validating the Recipe for Success

We are committed to helping food businesses find the right mix to success. This done by the creation of various validation processes throughout their use of our platform, whether it be fine tuning a recipe to fit the market taste, or to find just the right model to run your business, we are here to help.

We understand that starting a food business requires a lot of hard work, passion and funding.  By using our platform to network with our pool of expert mentors coming from different fields, to participating in our “demo days” with prospective clients from the industry, we are eager to help you validate the right recipe to your success.


From hosting a series of cooking classes, we connect our members and the food community a large variety of events and workshops to bring like-minded people together and help spread our collective love for food.

Guest Chef Dinner where we host dinners with rising star Chefs from all over the world to share and engage us with exciting new delicacies they bring from their culinary world.

Demo workshops allows our members to showcase their talents whilst discovery new sales channels, leads and prospective customers.

and many more…

Call us to find out the potential that Cook Beyond can bring to your food business!


Whether you’re just starting out, or are ready to take your business to the next level, see how Mission Kitchen could help get you cooking on gas:

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Flexible hourly memberships
  • Professional Equipment
  • Dry and Refrigerated Storage
  • Events, workshops and training
  • Mentorship and Business support
  • Deliveries and Distribution
  • Desk and office space